I think I stumbled upon happiness

when I uncovered the truths of creating myself

like a blank canvas

open to endless opportunities of light & mixed hues.

traps of a scientist

it feels odd to step back

from writing all the time

from doodling

from creating

from expressing

falling into the traps of science

involved deeply

seeking answers in nature

standing on our heads to count


and yet truly feel present

when you do it right

when you find the balance between creativity and the madness of biology.


between writing from the heart and exploring with the body.


For it is my heart & soul that speak these words


but it is my body and mind that burn flames in the woods.





i guess i get too enthralled when someone asks me what i want to do with my life. like i can fit that into a character limit. as if everything that i will do, all the roots i will spread, is merely a pot of existence, forever limiting. but i do not think this way. so when someone asks me what i want to do, my pupils dilate, my cheeks flush, & and my heart races thinking of the life i am creating. thinking of the life i am exploring each and every day. we know so little. and so i am thankful to have had the time to truly dive into the biologist’s role but i know now that creativity must be in the mix. it’s the learning, exploring and protecting the web of life that gets me going in the morning. who knew someone would get out of bed screaming taxonomic classifications with a wide grin. and who knew that same person could write creatively, take unique photographs, model, and sketch? I say fuck limiting any of my roots from stretching further. i say fuck anything stunting my growth into what may seem the unknown. i say fuck the images out there of me that are ingenuine of my true being! i am me and i create that! no one will share that same image BUT THOSE who matter will see me even better than i am… and i will grow


Tear drops of hope

I smiled as my eyes swelled with tears,

He held me near

as he whispered in my ear,

I accept you, as you are and as you will become

Your soul is a magnificent vibration, sending me numb

Whatever colors you must paint yourself to express

the light inside of you — I will love.

Just be true to your center

Never waiver for another’s pleasure


The tears streamed like rivers down my cheeks

In gratitude, for the man on his knees

loving me

an imperfect-perfect being


I used to listen to the evil phrases you’d speak

Letting them fill me till I was weak


I used to feel the vibrations you released

Letting them shake my core till my energy ceased


I’d let you run me in circles of self hatred

Waking to regret and falling asleep with pain

Never once stopping to ask myself, is this truly who I am?

Is the voice speaking from within truly my being?

It couldn’t be.

There was another echo battling this demon inside

Whispering honesty of what does reside


But I could barely hear

Until you came near

Your waves crashed loudly on my shore

hushing the evils and elevating the whispers.

And for once,

I heard the truth.


Fast Pace Generation

Send it fast my mind is pacing





All require my attention

Head down

No awareness of the world all around


We wonder what we are missing

Why we aren’t fulfilled

Because life is dancing around us, continuously putting on a captivating performance

And we are conditioned to captivating applications full of nonsense of the material world

The dance of our fingers on a phone

Has replaced the spontaneous treasures of the wild.

Tipping the Scale

Humans fell out of balance with the Earth

Once we disturbed its natural worth

Once we destroyed its born brilliance

As we once destroyed our own.


We stand, hands empty, looking over our trash heap, and we wonder… what happened?

We look at the marine animals who’ve died, bellies full of garbage and we wonder… what happened?

We look at the children starving all over the world while foods fill our trash bins and we wonder… what happened?

Certainly we are not asking the right questions.

Avoiding the possibility of our own responsibility to Her


Her, as in the Earth

Her, as in the fire

Her, as in the water

Her, as in the air


Disrespected by most but enlivened by those with care

Those with light beaming from their fingertips with the gentle touch of love

Reaching out, sending vibrations of hope to all sentient beings below and above.

Limited Vision

Our eyes no longer see what we want them to

Not yet are we a witness to the raw beauties of this world

Not yet have we seen the intricacy in simple, noted common things

Yet we know, at least on the surface, that these things hold the very same light inside them as we do


I guess that makes sense to the Western world

Full of insincerity with a lack of compassion

We now note other beings as less than

As if their light is dulled and an individual outshines


We cannot view the magnificence of the world

Not until we take away the thick frames clouding our vision and making us less susceptible to the vibration of life

The thickest frame of them all being that you’re worth more than any other life.