flux of instinct

My fingers seem to trick me when I enter an old password that reminds me of us

Or click to share music or art with you

it’s been weeks since I’ve changed the password and

Months since I’ve left you 

But I miss all the good that was there in us, so my physical body is slow to catch up with my spiritual 

‘cuz that my love,

is fucking over it 


My heart is in my fucking throat

As I’m choking on the absence of love

And visualizing it everywhere.

I watch as blissful lovers glide across the sidewalks

Buried in nourishing love, flowers sprout tall from their skulls 

One waters and the other weeds

In the shadows of cool brick, I drool over their shared peace    

Making my ego beg for someone to look at me as if I held more light than the sun

bad taste

A bead of sweat followed its current down my forehead and swelled in my ear

I lay, eyes closed, ankles crossed on the couch at dusk

My place downtown in a small city of FL, had birds filling the air at all hours but

I missed the thought of someone here

I missed the feeling of companionship

A loyal confidant at my hip

I missed someone loving all of me and wrapping me in their arms

But the first, wasn’t true for you

And I’d rather die than lose a part of me.

funny humans

Scraping the surface of life


and we think we’re alive

finding anyway to avoid our mind.

Humans, most of us, too naive to believe

in the sudden storm that lives in us.

Capable of the strongest wind,

the loudest roar,

and the brightest strike.

Yet, we have such strife with the source of life that pulses inside….

encased in a shell,

so beautiful it scares,

so beautiful it confuses that who lives there.