We fragment our hearts with endless boundaries of how to love.

Our boundaries create fear.

And fear is the death of all good ideas and worthy adventures.

funny humans

Scraping the surface of life


and we think we’re alive

finding anyway to avoid our mind.

Humans, most of us, too naive to believe

in the sudden storm that lives in us.

Capable of the strongest wind,

the loudest roar,

and the brightest strike.

Yet, we have such strife with the source of life that pulses inside….

encased in a shell,

so beautiful it scares,

so beautiful it confuses that who lives there.

My phone is dead to you

Please stop the nonsense

There’s no need to send me love messages

when you’re feeling empty and I’m full

when you were denied by a woman last night or maybe you took one home and she didn’t turn out to be me…

so you reached out with

a picture of your new painting

a song that made you think of me

and the six weeks we spent in a cloud of fake love

Please stop wasting my time

and my battery

My phone is dead to you.

Come into Bloom

Put your hand on you heart,

the other on your belly

Erase all worry

Let time cease to exist,

watch dread & anxiety float away

Become the seer of your thoughts

and dive deep into your self

Let the vibrations of your intuition shake your soul,

awakening the love & courage to let go

of all that keeps you from bloom

For the flower inside, open your eyes

and all of your senses

to witness what She is conveying to you

The Universe, She only vibrates truth.

Never ignore Her call, for she will again.


Until you listen.

Swallow the Wild

My mind tries to wrap around the destruction humans have inflicted on the wild

As a species, we are always afraid of things that challenge us and that test our beliefs



We are scared and turn the other cheek

to differences and weirdnesses that shakes our identities



We’re walking blindly in life;

we don’t open our eyes

or our minds to changes


We’ve minimized the worth of a woman in the world because they are part wild

We are nervous around their spontaneity–

It seems like the Universe

speaks through their actions

in each moment,

in each step they take,

and each word that drips from their lips.



This wild scares most because they never saw anything so brilliant before

Something so unpredictable and unmentioned


Others that cling to the objectivity of the feminine close their eyes and fists, looking for something to hit

As their rigid identities melt under the female’s bliss.