15 thoughts on “vōˈkabyəˌlerē

  1. I like to comment in weird “wtf” ways, but this one is what I said about the UFO thing.

    It was the topic of “why do UFO people go crazy?” The documentary guy mentioned a document that said aliens refer to humans as “containers” and I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

    I like this one because it’s a pun that seems one way on the surface, but it’s really about something else.
    Containers: “that’s hilariously mean.” Containment theory: people feel separated from body while also identifying with it which creates anxiety because the body is temporary. Aka, fear of death. The mind deals with fear by compartmentalization. When things don’t “fit” they’ll often try to MAKE it fit their view which can make people nutty.

    The response was a hilarious “invasion of the body snatchers” scare, but a major flaw in the human race is (if you zoom out) we are always dividing and labeling everything (everyone) up to literally “containing” what we view as threats which was supposedly the reason the document exists.

    Skinwalker ranch: breeders were afraid of livestock being killed while off the property and they returned to find them shoved into containers.

    With your work: you don’t strike me as the creative type that thinks this way so it’s interesting.

    And, out.

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  2. I’m naturally curious about the translation of vōˈkabyəˌlerē (as a poet I’m curious about what’s behind door #1 “Protected: I Love”) Here’s to you expressing all of you.


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  3. Lovely post and even these words fall just shy,

    Words so precise to wound death and make the green burn brighter

    This selfsame lit by the yellow in the state of sun

    And the beauty tattooed to her finger in the verdant swirl of understanding



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