8 thoughts on “recognition is shit.

  1. Rule of thumb..
    3 point scale/spectrum left to right: hate, indifference, love.
    Hate and indifference will always outnumber “love” but “hate” requires love to exist (vice versa). Hate can only be an equal response to something loved. What’s thought of as hate is likely, often, mistaken for indifference because indifference is a complete lack of caring/sympathy.
    My point is I don’t have one. I may get around to looking at your blog so ignore any sweeps of likes.
    I probably won’t comment but, if I do, keep in mind I’m gen xy who said “f_the world” which means different things.

    Nature has a series of biological cues but nature vs nurture screws it up.

    Good picture. And yes, but would recognition be fertilizer if it’s shit?


  2. Where’ve you been? My internet is out and so on plus experiences; I remembered this one.
    Story with a moral I’ll leave: beauty and brilliance.. I don’t think I’m all that, but I do end up finding a lot of my friends had or had crushes on me. I just don’t think I’m all that, but either way I decided there was more value in developing other things/qualities like intellect and spirituality because “beauty decays”.. at least, physically. Over the years I’ve learned the words “oh, you’re hot” as a kiss of death because those friendships rapidly deteriorate in days/weeks; more so in than in the past. Certain things just don’t resonate with me.
    Because many of your recent posts sound like your working through some kind of loss.. I can, in a friendly way, say (especially after reading most of your writing) you are stunningly beautiful and unbelievably intelligent which can be extremely intimidating to other people which (for stupid reason) cause loss.
    Some people can’t handle that because it’s hard to control and I know you know that because I remember you wrote about it.

    If that’s out of line, I apologize. But I have wondered if you watched Neon Demon. All the best… hopefully you just found better things to do and you’re not still processing what your last blogs were about.


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