flux of instinct

My fingers seem to trick me when I enter an old password that reminds me of us

Or click to share music or art with you

it’s been weeks since I’ve changed the password and

Months since I’ve left you 

But I miss all the good that was there in us, so my physical body is slow to catch up with my spiritual 

‘cuz that my love,

is fucking over it 

2 thoughts on “flux of instinct

  1. I had an exe who cheated once and was dumb; tried the “work it out” thing.
    The trick to finding out she was cheating was she’d change her password to the name of the guy so, if I was suspicious, I’d just check a password. Needless to say…..
    I didn’t get mad, I just gave a lecture on picking better passwords and never spoke to her again.

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