bad taste

A bead of sweat followed its current down my forehead and swelled in my ear

I lay, eyes closed, ankles crossed on the couch at dusk

My place downtown in a small city of FL, had birds filling the air at all hours but

I missed the thought of someone here

I missed the feeling of companionship

A loyal confidant at my hip

I missed someone loving all of me and wrapping me in their arms

But the first, wasn’t true for you

And I’d rather die than lose a part of me.

10 thoughts on “bad taste

  1. Those parts of me I don’t want to lose…

    sometimes I love that they live in the spaces between everyone else.

    Somerimes, I want to bridge the gap and risk it all.

    Sometimes somebody writes something that shares their own secret spaces, like walking over the tingle of lots of little bridges as I read.

    Thanks for writing this.

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    1. Thank you for reading. I love what you said about the in between traits of us.

      I think only a unique handful of people in our lifetimes are meant to understand the whole of what is us. so bridges are rare yet brilliant when they build

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  2. I think that it is so easy to lose a part of yourself to make another person happier, more comfortable, etc. That you recognize that, fantastic; that you have protected yourself, awesome. Beautiful poem, too. ~nan

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    1. I agree, we often bend ourselves to fit the shapes others mold for us. True self is always the higher choice, not easier but it invokes a growth unknown to many. thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts ❤


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