I believe that the Universe challenges me everyday

I take those challenges with grace and love

For I’ve learned there are reasons behind all of these things

And my reactions are my choices to live a happier, more successful life.

Through my growth there are always breakdowns and they are often expressed through my writing


When it Comes To Truths

My thoughts run and hide

Scared to be shown to the world

Scared to be denied

I shut my mouth and cry,

I forget how to talk for the third time

Thoughts run ramped in my mind

In circles, over and over, making it hard to define

the words

I am looking for

just to say that I’m fine.

This one is a bit complicated. For me, when speaking on a deeper level of myself it’s sometimes hard for me to actually form words. It can be like pulling teeth when I’m trying to share a deep sense of confusion or anxiety of my own with someone else. There’s always a sense of, I can’t share this or he/she won’t understand this but, when it comes to forming higher connections with loved ones, this is an area of myself I need to work on/clear space for.



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