I was restricted to the black and white that I started to share with society,

I thought it was okay & right to not fully be myself.

But I learned my inner desire to shine.

Here’s a blog that’s me, an utterly raw soul.

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Jenna Noel Palmisano

Email: jnpalmisano8@gmail.com

Instagram: jennapalm8

Contact me at any time if you need motivation in your life or help searching your beautiful mind.

Also if you’d like to be featured or have public affairs on my page, feel free to email, I’d love to read your unique thoughts.


With art comes time and passion.  If you enjoy my blog, my art, my rawness, please send me your feedback.

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I have uncultured beliefs and a strong heart.

Home isn’t a place for me so I remain unsettled in one place.

I don’t believe in being tied to society.

I love to share my love of the Earth and all It retains.

I surf the tides of the moon & board the peaks of creation.

I believe sex is a beautiful, generous art.

I believe in the rawness of souls, nothing should be hidden.

Here are where my thoughts lay.

…Welcome into a crazy, adventurous soul…

(all pictures and writings are my own)

I wanted to create a personal space where free souls could expand and share. All in love.