I was restricted to the black and white that I started to share with society,

I thought it was okay & right to not fully be myself.

But I learned my inner desire to shine.

Here’s a blog that’s me, an utterly raw soul.

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Jenna Noel Palmisano

Email: jnpalmisano8@gmail.com

Please feel free to reach out at anytime with feedback or conversation, I’d love to read your unique thoughts.

With art comes time and passion.  If you enjoy my blog, my art, my rawness, follow me:)

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I have uncultured beliefs and a strong heart.

Home isn’t a place for me so I remain unsettled in one place.

I don’t believe in being tied to society.

I love to share my love of the Earth and all It retains.

I surf the tides of the moon & board the peaks of creation.

I believe sex is a beautiful, generous art.

I believe in the rawness of souls, nothing should be hidden.

Here are where my thoughts lay.

…Welcome into a crazy, adventurous soul…

(all pictures & writings are my own formatted best for desktop viewing)

What you will come across on each page of this blog…

Currents of thought: a page for the burning thoughts that cross my mind in the early mornings. This page displays day-to-day struggles with common issues faced by humans through their evolution on this Earth. Check it out, you may be going through something similar and I’ve always found it helps to read how problems we collectively share are presented in the mind of another.

Blog: a page for the collection of my poetry.

Protected: I love: a more intimate collection of my poetry. Email or follow for the password (I will share password with followers at the end of August 2019)

Imagery: a page for the collection of my photography

Soon to come... a video page with links to my collections of youtube videos. Here, I will post videos of ecological field research I conduct and assist on as well as other adventures in nature. All videos will be filled with knowledge of the wild and ways in which humans can better respect, interact, and orient themselves toward the natural world.